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April 11, 2011 / knapper08

we got the okay…

…to move in! We passed our final inspection today, with a temporary certificate of occupancy – we need to have the siding on, and make a few changes to some electrical grounding in the furnace, and then we can have the inspector come back for a full final, but either way – we are happy to be able to move in!

Although not required for the inspection, the last detail we wanted to finish before moving in is the flooring…and we laid 1500 sq. feet of the engineered hardwood flooring in a little less than a week! The biggest pain was we had to glue the tongue and grooves since it’s a floating floor over our radiant heat system – but all-in-all, it wasn’t too bad. It’s amazing how it ties the rooms together! We are just about done with baseboard trim as well – which means we have a completely finished first floor…

Here are the final pics before adding furniture:

Wahoo for shiny stainless appliances! Hopefully I can keep them looking this nice without too much hassle 🙂

View of the kitchen coming up the basement stairs

View from the kitchen to the dining room and living rooms

View of the dining room and kitchen from the living room

March 27, 2011 / knapper08

it’s all in the details…

We are loving all of the natural wood in the house! All of the interior doors, casings, and window trim is in and polyurethaned! We also bought all of the wire shelving for the pantry and both closets, these are the details that I’ve been waiting so long for! And the best of all, we are just about ready for our inspection – which we are earmarking for April 18!

I’ll leave the rest of the story to the photos…

bi-fold doors for the master closet

pantry shelves - so excited for the extra storage!

view of the hallway

railings are done!

we finally decided on a mirror!

March 12, 2011 / knapper08

loving the progress!

Our big, beautiful, seamless countertop is in! The integrated sinks are going to be so nice for keeping the area clean, and the peninsula is SO big – it’ll be perfect for baking and entertaining!

We started working on railings that we’ve visioned for over a year – black aluminum balusters (that we got for an amazing deal at a building material auction), inserted into drilled holes in 2x4s for the top and bottom so it fits between the 6×6 beams. It isn’t as easy as we had hoped it’d be, but it’s the look we were going for!

And last but not least, we took the kitchen from blah to POP! I had bought 2 packs of paint samples awhile back, and we decided that the “cinnamon stick” color would work well in the kitchen – we went ahead and started painting within minutes after the decision… luckily it only took 1.5 of the samples and we got it done! After the paint was up, we picked out a tile for the backsplash and went to work! The only problem was we didn’t buy enough…we had planned the square footage based on 12×12 sheets of tile, but the pattern we picked was actually shorter, so I had to go to Lowes and buy more!

detail of the integrated sink and peninsula

Railings are taking shape

The paint color and tile backsplash

it's amazing what some color and tile can do for a kitchen!

March 6, 2011 / knapper08

It’s beginning to look like a house…

It’s been another productive week! We received the replacement kitchen cabinet and got that installed, and Don installed the tongue and groove boards on the back of the peninsula! We decided to go with a solid surface countertop, Hi-Macs by LG, in the kitchen, and the installers came to get a template, I can’t wait for it to be installed next week!

We have running water in the bathroom – the tub hooked up, as well as the sinks! We’ll have to wait until the frost is out of the ground so we can dig up the piping and hook the toilet up to the septic system. We also hung and polyurethaned our first interior doors – a set of pocket doors in the loft – they look great! It’s really starting to look (and feel) like a house – instead of a big empty structure!

Back of the peninsula is done!

Granite top and faucets are in, now we just need to figure out mirror(s)

The wall and pocket doors that separate the finished and unfinished sections of the loft

February 26, 2011 / knapper08

A busy week…

I took the past week off, and between Don and I being home, we got a lot done:

  • We have color on most of the walls! It’s so nice to see something other than primer white everywhere… we still aren’t sure what to do in the kitchen yet.
  • Our cabinets arrived and John came to help Don install them! The kitchen is almost complete, minus a couple of mix-ups that Armstrong made, so we need to wait for a couple of replacements before it’s done-done.
  • Don finished the ceiling – it looks great! I can’t imagine if we had tried to sheetrock it…
  • In the bathroom, we set the double bowl vanity cabinet, installed the Schluter Kerdi and Ditra waterproofing membranes in the bathtub surround and bathroom floor, and tiled the bathtub surround and floor!
  • Our appliances were delivered on Thursday, they are B-E-A-utiful! I love the shiny stainless steel, I just hope I’ll still love them when I am constantly cleaning fingerprints off of them!
  • The electrician spent a day here, and between he and Don, they got a ton of fixtures hung, some outlets lit up, and most of the switches in – cool!

Pretty ceiling!

Bathroom vanity, tile and fixtures!

View from the loft - above the kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, appliances and lights!

    February 2, 2011 / knapper08

    So many updates!

    Other than hiring an electrician to come in and guide us, the first component of the house that we have hired out is the installation of the tankless hot water heater/furnace system – which is finally complete! Although we have had some heat all winter (we hooked the radiant heat up to the outdoor wood boiler), it’s nice that we’ll be able to keep it just a tad bit warmer now.It is also nice to have warm water to clean the paint tools – cleaning the mudding tools in freezing cold water time after time got really old! Speaking of paint tools, thanks to Mike & Val, we have a coat of primer on all of the interior rooms – about 10 gallons in one day! Don has also been working on the ceiling, and we also replaced the temporary stairs going up to the loft – the quality of the carpet-grade staircase is amazing for the price we paid, I think we will polyurethane it and let it shine!

    Another exciting milestone is that we ordered the cabinets for our bathroom and kitchen! We decided on a natural maple for the kitchen, since it will darken with time, anyway. We decided to mix it up a little in the bathroom, and chose to go with a tad bit darker color maple, but the same style as the kitchen cabinets. A couple of neat features are the soft-close drawers, a tip-out tray in front of the kitchen sink, a roll-out waste basket, and roll-out trays for pots and pans! The selection of add-ons is overwhelming!

    pretty staircase leading up to the loft

    January 2, 2011 / knapper08

    Sheetrocking, taping and spackling!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s been a long month and a half of hanging sheetrock, and everything has been taped and has at least one coat of spackle on it! Don told me early on that it’s like icing a cake, so I just remind myself how much I hated insulation and “it’s like icing a cake” and try to enjoy the mudding and much as possible!

    The basement is sheetrocked, spackled, and even has a coat of primer on it against the back wall – and Don built some shelving, which is coming in really handy!

    And on a sad note, it turns out that we can’t go with our original plan of sawing wide plank flooring if we go with radiant floor heat. It can’t handle the high temperature, and therefore engineered hardwoord is suggested. Well, right after Christmas, we walked into a local flooring and kitchen store to look at their demo kitchens and pricing on flooring, and they happened to have an entire pallet of a medium oak engineered hardwood flooring that was discontinued and they were practically giving it away….the best part was it was literally exactly how much we needed, so they gave us a great deal – we got it for about 20% of what it would have retailed for! Not exactly what our original vision was, but, when you land in a deal like that, at this point in the game (and are sick of making decisions), it was a go – 2 decisions in one….our flooring, and our heating system (radiant). Bonus for us…they’ll hold it for a few weeks until we are ready to pick it up! So, we ordered 1000′ of pex tubing to attach the bottom of the subfloor, yet another big project!

    As always, we appreciate all of the help both of our families have contributed!

    View of the kitchen and partially sheet-rocked hallway

    dining room (left) and living room (right) are taking shape!

    view of the loft and kitchen from the dining room

    ahh, storage!!